That Disgusting Habit


This is a poem that I wrote awhile ago, but have never attempted to publish. Every time I look at this beautiful piece of work, I love it and then I change it. I revise this poem and rewrite it, this poem has yet to die in time. So with that, comments and critique is encouraged!!


That Disgusting Habit

The craving hits your mouth,

after a couple of beers, after midnight.

Lasciviously light me up

in the alley, under the fire escape.

Inhale me at your leisure. Relax,

let smoke sway from your lips

and smell the invite, so stay.


But we meet

in the haze of your unkempt apartment.

Toss Egyptian cotton sheets of pleasure,

until embers are extinguished, until ash.

You fall asleep satisfied. And wake

with slime of regret in your mouth.



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