Double Shot of Amnesia, Please


Most of the time he didn’t know who I was and most of that time, neither did I. My personality changed dependent upon where we were going and who we were going to see. He didn’t know me at all. I didn’t know me at all. It’s impossible to blame when you never gave yourself a chance to shine through.


Some people don’t believe in love, just like atheist don’t believe in God. They cant feel the super power of an upper being, they do not trust what they cannot see. They don’t understand the Christian love of Jesus, just as I don’t understand the word love. I understand love as the dying and unconditional love of one’s own flesh, pain and blood. That would never compare, but then again it will never compare.


There will always be a single parent, lonely, looking for the partnership and companionship of another, adult conversation in the least. The child taking care of his siblings in a shelter, waiting for it, for anyone to take them all together, that’s the least they could do.



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